Ning u-ways smart technolgy Co.,Ltd

Health is the eternal theme of human-beings and an indispensable part of their life. However, many people suffer from sub health problems due to modern life style and fast-paced working state. The vision of Winning is to provide omnidirectional health service for different group of people with Sub Health Problems. To carry out multi-brand strategy, the company has three brands: U-ways, U.NA and SFB. With a great variety of healthy food and comprehensive functions, the three brands cover almost all the products in the domestic and overseas healthy food market. There are almost 100 kinds of products. Its products has many functions, such as improving sleep, ...

Glamorous Woman

"Fight for beauty to enjoy a healthy life and slim body."

Diet Fiber


Improve bowel function (laxative)

Grape Seed Extract


French OPC, natural antioxidant

Vitamin E


Vitamin E,young and beautiful

Dynamic Kids

"Enjoy a happy childhood, to boost growth."

Kids Calcium


Calcium,to boost growth



Multivitamin,comprehensive health